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Laser Dentistry

As a patient, one of the services you ask us to help you with is the diagnosis of tooth decay. One of the most important things we do for you is to find decay and arrest it so it doesn’t further threaten the structure of your teeth.

Since even the smallest area of decay can threaten your entire tooth, finding and filling cavities is the answer to preventing further problems of all kinds. Traditional methods of decay detection are not nearly as successful as our laser diagnosis. Cavities often hide along the small lines and grooves in your teeth. These elusive and often hard to find spots are unsafe with DIAGNOdent.

An additional benefit of laser diagnosis technology is that it requires less probing and picking to find the hidden pockets of decay… and that means a more comfortable exam for you.

The Process               

In order to use the laser diagnosis capabilities, we will aim the laser onto one of your healthy enamel tooth surfaces to give us a baseline reading. Then, Dr. Jensen continues on around your mouth, shining the laser into all areas. Anytime the laser encounters a surface that reads differently than the healthy baseline value, it emits a fluorescent light showing them as areas of concern.

Using DIAGNOdent technology allows us to catch more areas of decay sooner and with more precision. Further, it requires no x-rays, and is a comfortable procedure. Not only can it help prevent the spread of decay, but detecting decay early means smaller and simpler restorations are required – saving you time, discomfort and money!