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Tooth Cleaning & Polishing

Tooth polishing is a procedure that removes surface stains on the crown (or above the gum line) part of the tooth so they will look and feel cleaner. By making these surfaces smooth, it is more difficult for plaque and food debris to accumulate on your teeth, thereby causing decay or gum disease.

A routine dental cleaning should include the following 3 steps:

• scaling, or removal of plaque and tartar from all tooth surfaces
• root planning, or cleaning of perio pockets, to stop further gum problem
• polishing on the surface of the teeth

People should usually go every six months for dental cleaning and check-up. Twice a year is what most dental insurance plans cover. But the frequency of recall for dental cleaning really depends on individual cases. Some people tend to have much quick tartar buildup than others. Some might have poor oral hygiene or bad gum situation. And for these people, the rule of thumb is to get professional cleaning more frequently. But do consult with your dentist.